Let us be your sherpa in your Google Cloud journey.


Cloud native development

Your idea, guided by our expertise and developed with the cloud in mind. Integrated with any existing data landscapes to guarantee customer success.

Complete solutions

Great projects just get started after initial development. Scalability, continuous improvement and cost-effectiveness are must-have properties to enable digital transformation.


There are a plethora of reasons to move your existing applications to the cloud. We can help identifying a migration path that optimizes business value.

About us

After decades of custom software development experience and deliveries on a large variety of cloud platforms our decision to focus on Google Cloud is a no-brainer.

As a part of Xplore Group we can offer solutions across the entire spectrum, from Discovery, Innovation and Solution Implementation all the way to Hosting and Operations.

Google Cloud

Have we already mentioned this is a no-brainer? After massive investment Google has positioned itself as a visionary and challenger in the very competitive cloud provider world. Inspired and hardened by their own customer product endeavours they proved themselves to be a thought leader in many domains:


As the biggest innovator in containerization the next big step for containers is a serverless world. Avoid software and application lifecycle erosion by moving traditional IT maintenance tasks out of your concerns, completely eliminate capacity planning as an added bonus, pay for what you use, scale to demand.

Big data

Data warehousing and the Big Data ecosystem has been a cornerstone of Google’s success, unlock data insights by discovering the very technology that brought them this far.

Multi cloud

Vendor lock-in has been a worry for decades as companies make important vendor decisions. Reducing dependencies on proprietary software is a whole lot easier if you can bet on open source industry standards like Kubernetes, Istio, TensorFlow, Apache Beam and many others. Google has been the driving force in many of these open source projects, their success is undeniable if you measure by the widespread adoption by all the major cloud providers.

AI & machine learning

The new frontier in digital transformation, Google is empowering data scientists AND developers with fit-for-purpose AI and ML services.


Following the Security First mantra in all of their services Google provides all the tools we need to extend this into your solution, making it just a matter of the right expertise to use these tools to the fullest.